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The leading program for spiritual women who crave a sustainable, profitable, and ethical brand that sells itself. This is where your idea becomes your reality. Where your certification becomes your foundation for success. Where your confusion, stuckness and overwhelm become distant memories.

Tell me if this resonates...

When Brianna got a sudden head injury and had to leave her career, she felt lost.

She wondered what THE purpose was, what HER purpose was.

She was put on medication and suddenly became a stay at home mom. It seemed like every day became more and more uncomfortable until she couldn't deny it anymore, and she reached out to me on social media. "What should I do? Who do I talk to? Where do I start?"

Within 24 hours... she had a full plan of becoming her healthiest self.

Within a year... she got off medications, mastered manifestation and was getting unexpected $16,000 checks in the mail, moved from an apartment to her dream home, started homeschooling her kids, got in control of her energy and habits, got certified as a women's coach after seeing whats possible, and now she's sharing her gifts confidently, happily, and abundantly.

WHILE also managing everything else better than she ever had.

All because she asked a few questions... "is this normal? what should I do?"....

The hard truth...

So many of my students come to me feeling the same way... stuck, in pain, debilitated.

So many of us are afraid to admit how we really feel, we're used to saying we're fine.

Maddi was the caregiver to her father as he passed from cancer, and couldn't seem to feel good or grounded after experiencing this grief. This is what led her to reaching out to me on social media, and telling me she needs a shift but doesn't know what kind of shift.

Together, we unraveled her grief, until all she had left was joy. With a completely new mindset and sense of purpose, Maddi decided it was time to share her soul gifts with the world.

Within 30 days she was fully booked in her massage business, and is currently traveling the world as I type this.

My guess is, if you were REALLY honest with yourself, you might relate to a few of these things if not all of them:

  • You feel RESTLESS deep in your soul because you know you should be closer to your goals by now, but maybe you don't even know what they are or how to get there

  • You've been trying to become THAT future version of you for a long time, and you feel like a hamster running on a wheel: posting daily, calling friends every time something bad happens, struggling to find the motivation, couples therapy

  • You're EMBARRASSED of how you respond and react to things sometimes but you don't know what to do to change your behavior

  • You've spent a lot of money on your certifications, self help work, and branding courses but don't have the sustainable income or inner peace to show for it

  • You're scared that you'll have to choose one goal and you don't want to choose between being a mom or running a brand, you want to be it all but don't know how

  • You're an empath and you want to know how to create the impact & income that others do without abandoning your sensitivity, burning out or overworking

  • Your experiencing chronic disregulation symptoms (stress, panic, PMS, trouble sleeping) and don't know how to turn things around

Okay now its time for ME to be honest...

There are tons of professionally licensed coaches in the world, so what makes this program so successful? How does it have a 100% success rate internationally? How come thousands of students say this is the best mentorship program in the WORLD?

Because I have fully dedicated my life to this mission. I don't do any gatekeeping or BS! I've been sharing this work for 10 years and I have acquired dozens of licenses to make sure I'm selflessly offering the BEST practices for your growth. I've facilitated over 10k+ successful spiritual coaching sessions and dozens of in person healing events + retreats. I am more than 100% confident that this will work for you because it's proven to.

I don't JUST share the exact practices, mindset shifts, systems and strategies that helped ME, I help you create a unique strategy for YOU. This is NOT just personal opinion or advice. We use proven practices to build you the best mindset, strategy and systems for your goals.

I want to show you how ENJOYABLE it can feel to achieve your goals while also becoming your healthiest self. Transformation doesn't have to be challenging when you have the right methods, support, and accountability every step of the way.

I'm here to teach you how to be your OWN healer, savior, and guide:

I'm here to mentor you

When transforming, you need the space, accountability, and support to evolve into your best self.

I'm here to coach you

In your evolution, you need education, guidance, and consultation to know exactly what steps to take.

Think of me like an auntie you always wanted, rooting for you, guiding you, sharing mystical knowledge with you, wanting you to be your most abundant self, and supporting you in achieving your goals...

You're just a few key pieces away from pleasure, peace, and prosperity

  • imagine waking up feeling excited because you know exactly what to do, and that you can do it, and that its getting you closer to your dream life!

  • imagine feeling confident to speak up, to share your authentic essence with the world, to know what to post and what to say

  • imagine feeling organized and on track, no longer struggling with burnout or lack of energy

  • imagine feeling fulfilled in knowing your spiritual gifts, and how to best share them with the world

  • imagine the PEACE of knowing your soul's vision, and the exact steps to take to achieve it

  • imagine the LIGHTNESS of feeling supported in every step of your transformation, knowing you will be held, understood, inspired, and validated as you evolve

  • imagine the transformation that's possible when you're in an environment that transforms you...

You don't have to keep waiting, wondering, and winging it...

Inside the...

Soul Purpose Portal

This is the place to go from:

💥 somebody who draws to 👉 AN ARTIST

💥 certified to 👉 CEO of a scaling ethical brand

💥 posting online 👉 having a sustainable income as an influencer

💥 I dont know what I'm doing 👉 people can FEEL my purpose and are drawn to me

This program is a compilation of everything I've learned to master the health and wellness of my mind, body and soul, discover my soul purpose, take the steps to make that dream a reality, and help thousands of others do the same! Inside, you'll find the roadmap of every piece of the puzzle you need to embody your confidence, and EXPAND in your soul purpose.

My main goal for you is making this path of transformation simple, easy and fun. I want to help you create order from chaos in all areas of your life, and feel confident in every step you take - and I can't wait for you to jump in!

The 8 Pillars of Evolution:

Pillar 1

Microdosing Mastery

  • Step into a completely new you

  • This is what so many people call, the foundation to being yourself

  • Step by step ritual guidance, dosing and resources

Pillar 2

Divine Femininity Course

  • Step out of this module feeling connected to yourself, your body, and nature on a completely new level

  • 15+ modules on ancient esoteric knowledge on female physiology + biology

Pillar 3

Womb Healing Womben

  • Transformational guest training from a divine feminine expert where you get to EXPERIENCE ancient womb healing

  • Everybody says "This is what we should've been taught in school" when we get to this module

  • This is the sex education you needed

Pillar 4

Divine Feminine Flow

  • Productivity is meant to look completely different on women than on men, let me show you what it looks like

  • This is the system that saves women from overworking, overwhelm, overextending, and stress

  • BONUS how to plan your life in alignment with your period for the best energy

Pillar 5

Branding Fundamentals

  • How do successful influencers, coaches and online entrepreneurs actually do it? How can you do it without waking up at 4am ever (unless you want to!)

  • Set yourself free from unethical sales and marketing tactics that we've all been taught, and create your heart-centered vision

  • Get clear on what will change your brand and the world for the better, and what will just waste your time

Pillar 6

Neuroscience Course

  • Stop getting stuck when you rewire your subconscious for good

  • 10+ modules that are proven to CHANGE your brain, your mindset, and your life as a whole

  • step by step proven practices that create immediate results for you

Pillar 7

Wealth Energetics

  • 3+ transformational practices that can help you generate $100k in 30 days

  • This isn't magic - I show you how to use proven practices to raise your internal self worth, so you can receive your value

  • step by step guidance to set yourself free from limitations so you can take opportunities and FLY into your best future!

Pillar 8

Tantric Transformation

  • Learn how to feel PLEASURE in everything you do

  • Use self pleasure practices to eliminate stress, balance your hormones and live in bliss

  • step by step guidance to see a transformation in all areas of your life

Plus... Your Success Gameplan

Beyond all the knowledge, I'm here to support you!

90 Day Transformational Gameplan

Create a customized plan to conquer all your goals in a breakthrough 1:1 session with your teacher, Marissa

Monthly 1:1 Strategy, Guidance & Accountability Sessions

Check in one on one with your teacher every month to make sure you're on track with your gameplan, and on your clearest path for growth

BiWeekly Q+A Group Coaching Sessions

Get one on one support and guidance in our group coaching calls every other week

Hi! I'm Marissa

Some of my besties & students call me by my spiritual name, Neshakti.

I'm an online Hypnotherapist & Spiritual coach, but I wasn't always this person!

At 18 I was SO ready to start a new life, but that felt impossible while carrying the load of my old life.

I had just moved out of my parents house when I was diagnosed with PTSD and chronic illnesses. I was put on heavy doses of medication and told that would be my life forever.

I hated spending all the years of my young adulthood waiting in line for prescriptions, having panic attacks between therapy appointments, and feeling like I was living a nightmare.

I knew there had to be another way, which led me to holistic and alternative healing.

In less than 10 years I not only got off medication, I became a top national bodybuilding athlete, my story was featured on the news, my podcast went viral internationally, and I built a holistic healing brand of over 3 million monthly viewers. With not one paid ad. I became a MAGNET for my girls energetically.

My pain was a big part of my purpose, but I couldn't see my purpose while I was still in the pain. This is why I share quantum manifestation practices, so we can get out of our pain, and find our purpose.

I want to help you do the same

More student wins...

1 hour of quantum healing is said to equal 10 years of talk therapy, so can you imagine how many messages I get like this every day 🤩

Create a life that supports you...

Soul Purpose Portal


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This program is specifically for women who are READY to take life into their own hands, and want a clear path to a peaceful, prosperous, and pleasurable life.

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